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HIDEA is the marine brand of outboard motors and boats designed for a new generation of aquatic adventurers and marine enthusiasts.



Years in Business

With a customer-oriented design and an eye for innovation and service, Hidea makes outings on the water as enjoyable as possible!




Hidea Outboard Motors are carried, sold and serviced in over a dozen countries. Their reputation for high-quality products and service has made them the motors of choice for hundreds of thousands of boaters!




Hidea has gained a worldwide reputation and  are exported and working smoothly on the boats around the world, in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Australia and Asia.

About Hidea

Hidea Power Machinery Co. Ltd. is a listed High-Techcompany and professional manufacturer of outboard motors, which owns an integrated R&D center,ISO/TS/16949 quality and automated manufacturing plants with annual production capacity over 100,000 units. The factory is located in the historic city of Hangzhou, China.

With a focus on the highest quality and dedicated after-sales service, Hidea has gained a worldwide reputation and multiple international certificates, including EPA, CE, and VCA approvals. Benefiting from the strict inspection system, the motors are exported and working smoothly on the boats cross the world, in Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia-Pacific region.

The product range of Hidea is divided into three series: Two-Stroke, Four-Stroke, and Four-Stroke EFI. They are engineered to meet a wide-array of customers’ needs. Whether your passion is angling for the biggest fish or cruising on your local lake, Hidea has a motor to fit your needs.


Company Profile

Hangzhou HIDEA Power Machinery Co LTD is an IPO company which is a professional manufacturer of outboard motors. The company is located in Hangzhou, one of the best cities to enjoy quality life in China. The designed annual production capacity is 100 thousand units. The production line for outboard motors has been established based on China’s intelligent manufacturing standard; the production system applied the advanced automatic assembly line in the world including robot operating, digital control and data collection which has ensured world-class quality products out of the factory.  

HIDEA is paying high attention in anti-corrosion issue of motors and is dedicated in researching and developing method to improve anti-corrosion system of our outboard motors. HIDEA has applied advanced anti corrosive painting technology in the industry to make improvement of material pre-treatment, painting formula, thickness of paint etc. It has been proven that the life time of HIDEA’s outboard motors has reached international standard in the industry.

HIDEA’s current product line mainly includes two-stroke series, four-stroke series, Enduro series and EFI series outboard motors. All the products have been developed and manufactured in our facility, 70% of them have been exported to EU and North America and other developed countries and areas. HIDEA’s outboard motors have great reputation world-wide for reliable quality and well-established after-sales supporting system.

HIDEA has passed ISO9001 international quality system certification, China CCS certification, U.S. EPA certification and EU CE certification. HIDED has also received honors form Zhejiang Outboard Motor Research Center, Zhejiang Brand-Name product and Zhejiang High and New Technology Enterprise. Never the less, HIDEA is participating in drafting the industrial standard of outboard motor in China.

HIDEA is always striving to improve quality of life for our users and continuously developing green power products motivated by our spirit of innovation, concentration, high efficiency artisanship and effort of our professional team.


Company Timeline


September 23, 2008 , Hangzhou Hidea Power Machinery Co.,Ltd Established.

HIDEA first 2 stroke outboard motor started successfully, and passed 200 hours continuous operation test


In 2009, Hidea xiasha Production line launched

2009-The first Hidea 2 Stroke Outboard Motors started Mass Production .


2010-The first Hidea 4 Stroke Outboard Motors started the Mass Production

Through cooperation with the European SUZUKI dealer NIMAG, Hedia 4 stroke outboard motor entered the Europe market successfully.


Hidea Released the world's first clean energy natural gas-powered outboard motor, and enter America Market. Until now, Hidea is still the unique company of natural gas outboard manufacturer and export to USA.


HIDEA invested over 50 million RMB to establish outboard motor parts production base in Sanmen Zhejiang, covering over 10000㎡

Has 6 sets of die-casting machine from 200T to 1250T, 18 sets of Hyundai Machining center, and cathodic electrophoresis production line.


Hidea Linping Manufacturing base begin to build


Hidea Linping new Manufacturing base put into operation.

Linping manufacturing center is the most advanced production line in China outboard motor industry. the design capacity is 60,000 sets of single-class, most of the equipment imported from Germany, Sweden, Japan, Taiwan.


November 10, 2015, Hangzhou HIDEA Power Machinery Co., Ltd. founding meeting and the first shareholders meeting convened victory, It marks Hangzhou HIDEA power Machinery Co., Ltd. stand on a higher starting point, and entered a new era of development.


Hidea applied for in NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) and became a pubilc company successfully.

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